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OK, now is SO not the time to get sick. I didn't go to visit my mom at the hospital today, because my throat feels funky and I don't want to give her any cooties. Right now Zicam is my new best friend and I'm going through a ton of orange juice.

I haven't mentioned anything fandomy in quite awhile but I watched "Fringe" tonight and I'll put my random thoughts under a cut.

spoilers for the Fringe episode 01x14 Ability under here )

I missed half of "Lost" last week due to a recording mishap. I accidentally set the recording speed to SP instead of EP and I only got half of the show (because most of the tape was already filled *wishes she had DVR*). So I'm looking forward to both the repeat of that ep and this week's new ep tomorrow night.
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My internet has been a bit wonky the last couple of days, cutting in and out, and I couldn't access it at all today until this evening. Sometimes I seriously think I'd be able to take the news that the room I'm in is running out of oxygen and I'll soon suffocate better than someone telling me that I'll be without internet access for an indefinite period of time.

I guess it's not really being without the internet as much as it is not knowing *why* you can't connect and when you'll be able to connect again. It's just such a pain in the ass not knowing what's wrong. Is it the router, modem, computer, service provider...? There are just too many variables... and calling tech support is not fun. Ever.

I assume the problem is on their end because here I am... and I haven't changed anything or done anything differently. It had me wondering if it had anything to do with my Wii though, since it's recently been hooked up. I suppose it was just a coincidence though. The important thing is that you never leave me again, internet!

New Year's Eve was rather uneventful. I stayed in all day and simultaneously watched the ball drop on one tv and the New Years Celebration in my Animal Crossing video game on another, lol. New Year's Day was a little more fun (aside from being woken up from the fire alarm, which proceeded to randomly go off many times during the morning/afternoon until my dad figured how to disconnect it *lolz* most awful sound ever). We went out to dinner with my sister and her family, then back to their house to play with their Wii. We had fun taking turns playing games and laughed as they all made their Mii's. It's funny how they really can look like the person. The Wii really is awesome and brings people in that wouldn't even normally play video games. Everyone from my nephew (22) to my mother (65) was playing, laughing, and having fun.

lazy day

Nov. 30th, 2008 12:08 am
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Had a nice, easy going Saturday. I slept in late and when I was flipping through the channels I found "Annie", which was one of my favorite movies as a kid. So I watched the first part of that before deciding I should probably get showered and dressed, lol. After that, I watched an episode of Stargate SG-1 (S9's "Stronghold") and then we went to the park for a picnic lunch. When we were walking along the water, we saw a manatee... which was pretty cool. Lol, I was kind of bummed though, because I had *just* put my camera away when it popped up. I would really have loved to have gotten a picture of that. I've lived in Florida all of my life and this is the first one I've seen in the wild.

And tonight I finished another one of my [ profile] mini_nanowrimo  stories, which just leaves one more to go. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow, the last day (God, I can't believe it's almost December).

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Last night I happened upon a movie on TCM, "Night of the Lepus". I brought up the description and it was this: "Horror, A rancher tries to stop king-size, hopped-up carnivorous rabbits as they roar through Arizona." After I stopped snickering, I decided I needed to see these killer bunnies... I mean, how scary can a rabbit be? I laughed my way through about 20 minutes of it before changing the channel. I wouldn't have even made it that long but Deforest Kelley was in it. The movie just might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. A bit bloody, yes... but scary, no way! I don't care how big they are... they're BUNNIES! But it did leave me wanting to make evil plot bunny icons from it, lol.

Had a good afternoon today and a frustrating evening. The day started out nice... went out to lunch and then did some browsing around town. I *finally* found my Non-Sport Update (trading card) magazine at a different B&N today. I've been looking for it for over a month, so there was much happiness. I also went to FYE, to look through the used CD's to see if there was anything good, and got a few ("What If" - Emerson Drive, "Greatest Hits Volume Two" - Reba McEntire, "Real Things" - Joe Nichols, "Fortune Teller's Melody" - SHeDAISY, and "Have You Forgotten" - Darryl Worley). Gotta love used cheap CD's! They also had Baltar/Six minimates on sale, so I grabbed them as well.

The frustrating evening involved a letter from AOL saying they haven't been able to process our payment for over a month (yet they never sent an email about it??). Supposedly they (suddenly out of the blue) don't accept the kind of (prepaid debit gift) card I pay with anymore, the card they've been happily accepting for over 6 months now. Of course, it took 2 calls (and a trip to the store to get a new card that didn't work either) to find out that THAT was the problem. But yeah, internet problems always make me panic. You know how it goes: You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off of old lone ranger, and you don't mess around with Jamie's internet.

And just to make it perfect, it's frozen on me twice tonight, once while typing out this post... thank God for LJ's "restore from draft."

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Well, we got an exercise bike today.  My mom needed something to strengthen and exercise her legs... and I've been wanting a bike for awhile lately. Nothing quite like sitting on your ass to exercise, lol. I kind of reached a standstill in my travels through Stargate SG-1 (and, uhh, still haven't gotten around to BSG), so I'm planning on popping that in everyday and using the bike while I watch it, kill 2 birds with one stone. And then later when I'm all skinny, I can attribute my success to Stargate, lol. Maybe I can do commercials like Jared (Subway). Or... maybe not.

It also has a nifty book/magazine holder, so I can read my Voyager books if I'm not watching dvds. I think boredom is one of the biggest things that kills exercise (well, that along with laziness). That's one thing I love about recumbent bikes, there's so much you can do while you're on them... Which probably means you're not getting as much of a workout as you would on other things (like the elliptical)... but something's better than nothing, right?

It was the last one at the store and the box was really messed up, so they knocked some of the money off the price, which was nice. I hope everything's alright inside. It looked more like it was torn from being scraped against something, rather than being thrown or tossed around. And everything looks alright at first glance, so I think it'll be ok.


Sep. 9th, 2008 01:47 pm
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I feel very blah today... and I don't know why. No energy, no motivation. I just feel like crawling back into bed, despite the fact that I actually went to bed early (*shock*) last night and had like 9-10 hours of sleep. 

Aside from that, I watched the season premiere of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" last night, which I would have had no idea was even on if my father hadn't mentioned it. I guess I should check and see when my other shows are supposed to premiere, lol. I haven't really been watching anything other than "Stargate Atlantis" (or things on DVD) lately, so I'm really out of touch with when things are supposed to start. While I was watching TSCC, I noticed "Fringe" is going to be premiering tonight, so I might check that out. It looks interesting.
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Just finished watching "American Idol" awhile ago. All of my peeps did pretty good. I think Taylor did especially well tonight. It's good to see him get back to himself. I also enjoyed Elliot's performance, I also just love the song he did. I thought it was going to be a pretty odd night since they were all doing Queen songs, but I think about half of them pulled it off.

My new shoes finally came in the mail today. I wore them to the gym & they're mostly comfortable, except that one of them seems a little big in the heel, so it keeps sliding up & down. I didn't wind up with a blister tho, so that's good.

I'm going to go watch Nashville Star now. I'll post later with reviews if I'm up to it.


Apr. 9th, 2006 07:32 pm
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So I stayed up too late last night. It never fails to happen. I get into bed & boom, I find a good movie. Last night I found one of my favorite movies on, so I ended up staying up until almost 4am watching it. Then this morning I went to church. I spent almost the entire service trying to keep my eyes open. I hope nobody was looking at my face because my eyes were literally rolling around in my head... sometimes one would be going one way.. the other would be going another way... Fortunately it was pretty much just my eyes that were tired, so I was still able to listen to the message.

After church we went to lunch.. then we went to a Bealls Outlet. I'm really not crazy about the store but my mom likes to shop in there. This time I actually found a nightshirt I liked & it was only $4.99.

After that we came home & I watched some of the NASCAR race... before I got bored & floated around the house looking for other things to do. Jeff had a bad day. I'm sooo not a good sport anymore. I was already losing it last year.. but I think the last bit of the good sport in me blew out of me & into the wind at Daytona (long story). He hasn't really been doing that badly this year but I want a win dangit! There's no reason why he should be back there (where he was today). They need to do something serious to help his car at these stupid 1.5 mile tracks.

I'm gonna go eat dinner now. Later.

-Animal Crossing Update-
I thought they were going to announce the winner of the Flower Fest today.. & they didn't. Ugh...
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Today was pretty fun. We all went down to my sister's this afternoon. Then we went shopping. I found some shirts & a pair of pants that actually fit me lengthwise (yes, this is always big news). Lol, of course they're not really supposed to be long pants, they're capris.. but they fit me like long pants, thus I don't have to have them altered. This is a very good thing. Then we went out for Linner (we were debating whether a combo of lunch & dinner would be "linner" or "dunch"... I decided that since Breakfast comes before Lunch & people call it "Brunch", then it should be "Linner", since Lunch comes before dinner.... even if "Dunch" does sound better, lol).

Ya know, I've been hearing so much about the infamous "My Space" that I decided to sign up & check it out (a few days ago). I decided I didn't like it & cancelled my account about an hour later. Does this mean I'm getting old? I already felt really out of the loop when I didn't even know it existed until it was already quite popular... I hafta say I really like LiveJournal better. My Space seemed to me, to have too many bells & whistles. It's like there's so much going on that you get distracted. Maybe it's just me.

-Animal Crossing Update-
Tomorrow (well, technically today, since I'm already in the early early AM) is the long awaited end of the Flower Fest. It's been going on for a whole week (which is pretty long in a video game). If I don't win, I'm gonna be pretty pissed. I've spent all week sabotaging the other villagers in my town by picking up the flowers they've planted. Then today I moved dozens & dozens of flowers away from their houses (that I've planted, before the Flower Fest), just to make sure they don't get any credit. Lol, I want the dang trophy!!!! I think this Flower Fest thing only happens once a year so it's kinda awhile before I'll have another chance at it. Lol, just in case anybody is horrified that I'm sabotaging people... they're just the animal villagers in my town, not real people. Anyways, the goal of the Flower Fest (I guess this shoulda been up farther in the post, huh?) is to plant a pretty garden in your yard. Supposedly plan & design helps. I've planted all of the hybrids (that aren't on display in my house) around my house.. hopefully that will be enough.

Now I'm going to bed, goodnight.
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Ok.. on Sunday I said I would write "tomorrow" about my weekend. So... I'm only about half a week too late, lol.

Anyways... we left on Saturday to go to my aunt's house. She just moved down here from Massachussettes. It's really nice. Before we got there, we went to this trading card show I had seen advertised. It was a really good one & I ended up getting about 50 Jeff Gordon cards (I only spent like $20 though, most of them were 25 cents & some were only a $1). While I was there, my dad went to pick up my Grandpa & then they (my dad, mom & Grandpa) came back to get me. Then we went to my aunt's house. We stayed there until late Sunday afternoon (maybe even early evening) & then we headed back.

I can't believe the week has gone by so fast, tomorrow's Friday already. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do over the weekend yet. I know I'll be watching the Talledega race on Sunday. I hope Jeff can pull off a decent finish. Of course, I'd love a win... but after all of the crap he's been through lately a top 5 would be nice too (of course on Sunday I'll change my mind & even if he's in 2nd place I probably wont be satisfied until he's in 1st, lol).
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Yay! I'm finally just now hearing Martina McBride's song "Rose Garden" (it's an old song redone by her). I haven't been listening to the radio much before now.. so it took me a 'lil while to hear. Anyways.. I just got back from my Aunt's house a few hours ago. We went to visit her, my uncle & my Grandpa for the weekend. It was fun. I'll post more tomorrow.. I'm tired.
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Had a nice fun day today. My sister came up & went to lunch with my mom & I. Then after my dad got out of work we all went to dinner. Well, actually my dad had dinner & my mom, sister & I had dessert.. because we were still full from lunch.

Then tonight my dad & I went to Target. I found a bunch of Jeff Gordon ornaments (in September?!?!)... I also found a bunch last weekend at KMart. I thought after I found all the ones at KMart, that would be pretty much it for the ornaments.. but I was wrong. It seems like every year they come out with more & more. They're no dummies.. they know us NASCAR fans are obsessed, lol. Anyways... I can't believe that they have Christmas stuff out in stores this early. I've actually been seeing it in stores since the beginning of September.

Look, I've actually posted in here 2 days in a row. Yay me.
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I haven't been online very much this past month, which is why I haven't updated much.

Last week my mom, dad, grandma & I went to my sister's house for dinner. It was a little scary 'cause my brother-in-law had to take his father to the hospital because they weren't sure if he was having a heart-attack or not. He ended up ok though (whew!!!). While we were there my other sister's ex-boyfriend stopped by with his wife & his new baby. She is about 5 months old & she is so cute! It's funny to watch everybody go into "baby mode" though... I wonder what babys think of us when all of a sudden our voices go up a few octaves & we revert back to baby-talk.
My dad & I were playing the original Mario Kart (SNES) game a lot for a week or so... we do the time trials for the first track on the Mushroom Cup & keep trying to beat each other's times & it has really taken a tole on my left thumb. I dunno what's wrong with it but every once in awhile (especially if I try & play the game again) it just feels like it's out of whack. It could be a combination of the video game & from when I practice my guitar, but I wish it'd stop cuz it's been hurting for about a week & a half.
Yay for Jeff finishing 2nd last Sunday. Here's hoping he takes the win at Pocono!
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I finally decided I was going to get new sneakers today & the store didn't have my size.

I got this controller pack for my N64 at the game store & it doesn't work so I have to take it back. I hate returning stuff

Yay for Jeff getting the pole at Chicago today!
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Who would have thought that it would take me so long to post another entry in this thing?
Nothing major has really happened.. I've been busy, I've been lazy, I've been interested & I've been bored.
Well, I guess I'll have to write more later... my dad just went in & invaded the cookie jar.. & it looks like I'll have to do the same.

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Lol... I've been doing really well the last couple of days. Yesterday morning I was carrying some things (so I couldn't see the floor) & I tripped over some stuff in my room (although I didn't fall) & cut my ankle... then last night my dad & I were out for a walk & there was a dip in the pavement & I guess my foot hit the top of the dip & I went down, I rolled, & then I came back up with a couple of scrapes. Lol, luckily I didn't do any damage bone or muscle wise. It's just amazing how graceful I am though...

The KCMB seems to be down again. Lol, I've gotten 2 emails saying it's back up & it's up for a couple of hours & then it's back down again. Oh well.. maybe soon.
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As I mentioned before, I got a DVD player for Christmas. I went to Walmart tonight & finally re-found the $5.50 DVD bin (the last time I went they had moved it & I thought it was gone, very sad). I got 2 movies, Godzilla & From Justin to Kelly. I love Godzilla. I know it didn't do as well as they had hoped in the box office, but I really liked the movie and was hoping they would do another (American) sequel (of course there have been many many Godzilla movies mad abroad). I saw "From Justin to Kelly" in the theater earlier this year. I really like Kelly & Justin but I wasn't as fond of the movie, but since it's Kelly, & since it was $5.50, of course I had to get it (especially since I saw that it was $19.99 at another store the day earlier.... goooood deal!).

I also had an episode with a spider today... in which I carried on quite badly. Yes, I am ashamed. I acted like I was 5. Heck.... 5 year olds aren't usually scared of things like that so I was worse than 5. Let's just say it involved jumping up & down, screaming, & crying. (Hey, the darned thing got into my room & if you saw my room you would know how danged hard it would be to find him if he decided he liked it in there) But the spider has gone to a better place (in the trash can)... so all is well.

That's all folks!


Oct. 14th, 2003 03:52 pm
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I am sooooo happy! I called in today like I was supposed to (for Jury Duty) & they told me that I was excused & that I didn't have to call back anymore. WHOOOO! I have been praying that I wouldn't have to go do it, so it's definitely an answered prayer.

I am also excited because Josh Turner's CD came out today, as well as Clay's CD & the American Idol Christmas CD. I'm not sure which ones I am going to buy today (I will eventually get them all.. but CD's are expensive so I dunno if I will get them all at the same time).. but I do know that I at least definitely going to get Josh's. I <3 Josh!

Did I ever mention that I started taking Guitar lessons? I don't think I ever did. I have had about 4 lessons & I know 10 chords... one (F) of which I want to kill.. because I haven't yet gotten it to where it wont pluc when I play it. But I like the guitar, it's fun. I can't wait until I can play a song that I actually know.
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I haven't really been keeping up with this very well at all have I? But believe it or not.. I am keeping up with this much more than I have any other "diary" or journal.

I have come to the conclusion today that I am pretty bored with most of the message boards I have been frequenting. I have met some people from one in particular that I will still like to keep in contact with.. but I doubt many people will see me around the KCMB much anymore (not that I ever went around there much... but you can cut the time that I used to go there probably in half). It seems as if most of the regulars that I used to see posting around there don't anymore.. & the people who do, seem to be sort of cliquish & I have never been one to fit into cliques... plus I haven't really seen a topic that I have been really interested in lately. Don't get me wrong... I think it is still probably the best message board I have ever belonged to... but it just seems... different than it used to be.

Let's see... what else is up... Oh yeah, I got a summons for Jury Duty a little while ago. Can you believe it? I know at least 3 adults over 40 who have never gotten one in their lives.. yet they want me to go. They even pulled my 18 year old niece (who wasn't even out of highschool at the time) in. I was really surprised when I got it... I guess I never really expected to see one...

Martina McBride's new album is coming out this-coming Tuesday. I am really excited about it. She doesn't release new music all that often compared to other artists. Her albums are usually about 2-3 years apart... & her last album was a Greatest Hits so she only had 4 new songs on it. It will be great to have some new songs to play over & over & over & over again in my CD player... lol. Oh! & Josh Turner (one of my fav new artists) is releasing his album in October. This is going to be a good next few months for CD releases. Really this has been a great year period for music. Kelly Clarkson released her album earlier this year, along with Billy Gilman, Jo Dee Messina, Jimmy Wayne, Brad Paisley, Buddy Jewell, & Suzy Bogguss. Not to mention all of the American Idol/Juniors CD's I have gotten. May not seem like a lot to some people... but I have gone some years only getting like maybe 5 CD's a year (not counting Christmas). I know that this year I have already doubled that.

Ok... I'm gonna go now...
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My cousin got me a subscription to a cook book magazine a little while back & tonight I made South-Western Onion Rings, fried mushrooms, & a blueberry snack cake. It all seemed to go over good (whew)... lol, it was a much bigger pain in the butt than I thought to make the onion rings though. But I didn't burn myself so all is well.

We also played cards tonight & yours truly won. Lol.. it was funny cuz I started out the worst in the whole (-75) but I came out of it (obviously).

I just put a request into my radio station to hear a song about a half hour ago... hopin' I might get to hear it before I leave for the night.

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