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Time for the last race of the year for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (ya know, I *still* want to say Nextel). I'll be gearing up and heading down to Homestead for the race tomorrow, hopefully to see Jeff Gordon win his first race at that particular track. The way my luck has gone in the past races I've been to though (Daytona and Homestead), I'm a bit beaten down in the hope department, lol... but ya never know, this could be my day to finally see him win. There would be squeeing of epic proportions and most likely many happy tears.

But you hafta know that there's a good chance that when it gets to the end, Johnson, Edwards, or Biffle will most likely be there.

I just hope we're seated in an area with nice sober people who don't feel the need to yell vulgar things about my driver every time he makes a lap... which, given past experiences, seems to be near impossible. Or, on the flipside... another fan of Jeff's who makes me hate my own driver's name by yelling it out in an obnoxious voice, practically in my ear, every single freaking lap, regardless of where he is or what he's doing on the track. *remembers the screaming match that took place between a Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon fan last time* ah, good times... good times...

Come on, Jeff... this is your last chance of the year. You can do it! *shakes pom poms*


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We ended up getting home from Daytona around 3:30AM or so Sunday morning & I didn't get to sleep until like 6AM. The seats were nice... probably the best we've ever had. But I think I had the most annoying Jeff Gordon fan EVER sitting behind me though. She made me almost hate my own driver's name. She literally gave me a headache... There was also a really annoying (& rude) Dale Jr. fan diagonally from us and for awhile I thought her & the annoying Jeff Gordon fan were going to get into a fight. They were both very very drunk... to the point where they were even embarassing the other drunk people they were with.

Jeff had a really great car... and he may have had a chance for the win, but he got spun around with 2 or 3 laps to go. I was seriously seriously bummed... although I somewhat expected it because I've seen him run really well several times before only to have it hit the fan later. I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop...

So I sulked for about an hour on the way home... until we stopped at the Waffle House for some dinner (after midnight, lol). I ordered the chocolate chip waffles & told my dad that "Chocolate makes everything better." And you know what... it did, lol. Oh well, here's hoping for a win at Homestead.

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I'm going up to the Coke Zero 400 today (Daytona, NASCAR race)... hoping for good weather because it's a night race & I'd rather not still be there in the wee hours of the AM. I really really really want Jeff Gordon to win, because I've still not yet seen him win live & in person. Plus I never want to have to go back to this race... and once I see him win I probably wont. And of course he just needs the win period... because he still hasn't won a race yet this year (of course, almost every NASCAR driver, who isn't named Kyle Busch, can just about say that right now).


Apr. 9th, 2006 07:32 pm
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So I stayed up too late last night. It never fails to happen. I get into bed & boom, I find a good movie. Last night I found one of my favorite movies on, so I ended up staying up until almost 4am watching it. Then this morning I went to church. I spent almost the entire service trying to keep my eyes open. I hope nobody was looking at my face because my eyes were literally rolling around in my head... sometimes one would be going one way.. the other would be going another way... Fortunately it was pretty much just my eyes that were tired, so I was still able to listen to the message.

After church we went to lunch.. then we went to a Bealls Outlet. I'm really not crazy about the store but my mom likes to shop in there. This time I actually found a nightshirt I liked & it was only $4.99.

After that we came home & I watched some of the NASCAR race... before I got bored & floated around the house looking for other things to do. Jeff had a bad day. I'm sooo not a good sport anymore. I was already losing it last year.. but I think the last bit of the good sport in me blew out of me & into the wind at Daytona (long story). He hasn't really been doing that badly this year but I want a win dangit! There's no reason why he should be back there (where he was today). They need to do something serious to help his car at these stupid 1.5 mile tracks.

I'm gonna go eat dinner now. Later.

-Animal Crossing Update-
I thought they were going to announce the winner of the Flower Fest today.. & they didn't. Ugh...
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Ok.. on Sunday I said I would write "tomorrow" about my weekend. So... I'm only about half a week too late, lol.

Anyways... we left on Saturday to go to my aunt's house. She just moved down here from Massachussettes. It's really nice. Before we got there, we went to this trading card show I had seen advertised. It was a really good one & I ended up getting about 50 Jeff Gordon cards (I only spent like $20 though, most of them were 25 cents & some were only a $1). While I was there, my dad went to pick up my Grandpa & then they (my dad, mom & Grandpa) came back to get me. Then we went to my aunt's house. We stayed there until late Sunday afternoon (maybe even early evening) & then we headed back.

I can't believe the week has gone by so fast, tomorrow's Friday already. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do over the weekend yet. I know I'll be watching the Talledega race on Sunday. I hope Jeff can pull off a decent finish. Of course, I'd love a win... but after all of the crap he's been through lately a top 5 would be nice too (of course on Sunday I'll change my mind & even if he's in 2nd place I probably wont be satisfied until he's in 1st, lol).
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Had a nice fun day today. My sister came up & went to lunch with my mom & I. Then after my dad got out of work we all went to dinner. Well, actually my dad had dinner & my mom, sister & I had dessert.. because we were still full from lunch.

Then tonight my dad & I went to Target. I found a bunch of Jeff Gordon ornaments (in September?!?!)... I also found a bunch last weekend at KMart. I thought after I found all the ones at KMart, that would be pretty much it for the ornaments.. but I was wrong. It seems like every year they come out with more & more. They're no dummies.. they know us NASCAR fans are obsessed, lol. Anyways... I can't believe that they have Christmas stuff out in stores this early. I've actually been seeing it in stores since the beginning of September.

Look, I've actually posted in here 2 days in a row. Yay me.
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Ok.. I am soooo ticked off. I just typed this whole long journal entry out & I when I got down to the bottom I saw this new feature called "Tags" so I clicked on the little question mark next to it to see what it was about & then I suddenly realized.. uh oh, what if I go back & my whole entry is gone.. so I rushed back here & sure enough, it's gone. I'm really tired so I don't feel like typing the whole thing out again.. I'll give a real condensed version of what I wrote before.

Time goes by too fast, I can't believe it's been a year since I wrote in here. Yeah, I got pretty profound in this part, shame it's gone...

Then I talked a little about the new hurricane & how I hope & pray that all of the people in it's path come out ok & that they all hopefully get to safety.

Then I went into a little bit of detail on what has happened in my life since I last wrote in here. I'm gonna make this really brief because I don't want to go into the whole thing again...

Grandma died, it sucks. I miss her.

Had a good Christmas & birthday.

Went to the Pepsi 400 (Daytona) race this past summer. It rained a lot & caused a long rain delay.. but it was still fun. Jeff didn't do as well as I hoped :( , but my dad's driver, Tony Stewart, won so at least 1 of us could be happy.

Jeff Gordon has had a really crappy summer. He went from winning 3 races earlier this year to not even making the chase for the Nextel cup. It has put me in a bad mood for at least part of every Sunday for the last 4 months. I know it's not his fault though. He's so awesome. Something within his team is wrong though. I'm thinkin' it's probably Robbie Loomis. I read a few things that said that his heart wasn't really in this as much as it used to be. He's gone now though & Jeff has a new crew chief. Hopefully things will be better now.
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I haven't been online very much this past month, which is why I haven't updated much.

Last week my mom, dad, grandma & I went to my sister's house for dinner. It was a little scary 'cause my brother-in-law had to take his father to the hospital because they weren't sure if he was having a heart-attack or not. He ended up ok though (whew!!!). While we were there my other sister's ex-boyfriend stopped by with his wife & his new baby. She is about 5 months old & she is so cute! It's funny to watch everybody go into "baby mode" though... I wonder what babys think of us when all of a sudden our voices go up a few octaves & we revert back to baby-talk.
My dad & I were playing the original Mario Kart (SNES) game a lot for a week or so... we do the time trials for the first track on the Mushroom Cup & keep trying to beat each other's times & it has really taken a tole on my left thumb. I dunno what's wrong with it but every once in awhile (especially if I try & play the game again) it just feels like it's out of whack. It could be a combination of the video game & from when I practice my guitar, but I wish it'd stop cuz it's been hurting for about a week & a half.
Yay for Jeff finishing 2nd last Sunday. Here's hoping he takes the win at Pocono!
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I finally decided I was going to get new sneakers today & the store didn't have my size.

I got this controller pack for my N64 at the game store & it doesn't work so I have to take it back. I hate returning stuff

Yay for Jeff getting the pole at Chicago today!
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Happy 4th of July! Tonight my dad & I watched the fireworks that our city puts on. They were nice.

This afternoon I got Josh Gracin's CD at Best Buy. It's pretty good. There are only about 2 songs that I don't like.

Before we went to watch the fireworks, we took our SNES (Super Nintendo) & moved it from the living room (where it was disconnected) to my room, where my N64 (Nintendo 64) is. It's funny, whenever my niece & nephew come over, they don't want to play the more modern N64, they always want to play the SNES. So now I think they'll be happy that they'll finally be able to play it again (it was disconnected for about a year). I'm glad I put it back in here too.. I forgot how fun the games were.... especially the classic Mario Kart. I have the GBA (Gameboy Advance) Mario Kart & when you get a Gold Cup (with an A grade) on any level (50cc, 100cc, or 150cc) you can open up the old classic SNES Mario Kart tracks, but they're still missing some of the elements that the SNES version has. One game I have been slightly obsessed with lately is Ms. Pacman (which I have on the N64). Retro games are so much fun!

I am soooo happy!! Jeff Gordon won the Pepsi 400 in Daytona last night. This is the 2nd race in a row he's won, & the 2nd time he's won back to back races this year. He's had some tough luck this year too though.. so it really makes me happy to see him on top of things again. There were soooo many special paint schemes in the race though. It was hard to keep track of everybody. There were 9 C2 (Coke) cars & only 1 Pepsi car (Jeff's), which won. Go Pepsi!!

I'm gonna run now. Later!
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It's been a pretty packed weekend so far... My nephew was over so we could all celebrate his birthday. First we went to the mall & then we met my sister (& fam) to go to this kewl huge Arcade. It was a lot of fun! Lol... I played the basketball game & even though I'm short, I'm pretty good & I beat my dad every time... although now I have really sore calves because of it, lol. We also played this Daytona Racing game... I've played it before, like at every arcade we go to... so I know I'm decent at the game... so we played it (both of my nephews, my bro-in-law, my dad, & I)... & I was able to take every corner almost perfect (way too perfect, usually you go up & smack 2 of the walls no matter what you do) & I'm sitting there in last place.... & I even saw 2 of them wreck out alongside of me when I glanced at their screens.. & i'm thinking, what's going on??? They just passed me right away & I never saw them again. So we get done & I'm telling everybody there's something wrong with my car... & u know they're all thinking.. yeah yeah... so we play again & the same thing happens... then after I "yelled" a bit more about my car being crap I got into another one... & I didn't know it but my nephew got into that one. So we raced & I came in 1st place... & I was like I told you my car wasn't working right!... Lol & my nephew was like... why didn't you tell me this car was crap? & I'm like... I thought everybody heard me whining about it... But I thought it was funny cuz everybody probably thought I was being a baby about it... & I know I'm not good at a lot of things, but I know I'm pretty decent when it comes to racing games.
Today we watched the NASCAR race & Jeff & Tony did terrible. They finished 36th & 37th. I'm glad I slept through most of it (I woke up long enough to see them crash & blow a motor though)... but it makes me wish I had slept through the whole thing, lol.
Lol, like I said... we had my nephew this weekend. He's 9... & I had given him a SpongeBob birthday card & it was one of those cards where you can color in it & it had these pieces (like spongebob's head, pants, & appendages) & you had to punch them out & then you could glue them onto a sponge & make your own Spongebob... so I'm explaining it to him.. how he needs to punch those out of the card & the next thing I know he's punching the card with his fist. Lol. It's funny. I did something similar to that when I was a kid though... I was like 4 & my mom told me to take the tape out (meaning to take the cassette tape out of the tape player) & so I started pulling the tape out of the cassette tape... lol. Kids take you literally.
I'm gonna run now. Bye.
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Well.. Sunday's NASCAR Race wasn't too great. It looked really awesome for Jeff in the beginning but it seems that whenever he does well in the beginning something goes wrong.... & he didn't have enough fuel to go to the end so he ended up having to pit out of sequence with the other cars so he finished way farther back than he should have. Another HIGHLY irritating thing was that when one of the cautions came out a couple of guys were trying to get their lap back but Jeff wouldn't let them (& may I point out that he doesn't HAVE to... & a lot of people don't think that they should... because that can come & bite you in the rear end later)... & so Greg Biffle got like really irritated & when they restarted he went up & hit Jeff Gordon (it was definitely intentional... no doubt about it... he got invited to the big red truck later) & that was like a real stupid thing to run into him for. Lol, he even knocked Robby Gordon off of the #1 spot on my crap-list (& that was a hard thing to do!).
My Grandma came over tonight & we had dinner & played cards... & I actually won for a change. I was 100 points ahead of everybody at the end. I only gloated a little bit (usually I don't at all but my dad has won the last couple of times & he gloats 10x worse than me, lol) ;)
I'm gonna run now cuz it's getting late. Bye!
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Hey y'all. I just came back from a trip to the mall (& dinner) with my mom & Grandma. We were there for about 4 hours. I'm still looking for a job & I saw this little kiosk at the mall selling kids cd's & they had a help wanted sign (which is sort of rare this time of year down here) & it looked super boring, but I thought I'd try anyway cuz I need money, lol.... & I asked this older women if they were hiring & she was like, how old are you (cuz I look like I'm 12, so I'm told) & I told her I was 20 & she gave me one of those yeah right looks... but she directed me over to this other older woman sitting on a bench wearing a bright purple moo-moo (wonderful mall attire) & I asked if they were hiring & she asked me if I was 21 (since when do you need to be 21 to sell children's cds) & I was like, no I'm 20 (another, yeah right look) & to make a short story long (haha), they wanted somebody with more experience (selling children's cds?? this sounds very difficult!).... so no luck there. I guess I'm gonna hafta wait until all of the kids go back to school before all the regular stores are ready to hire help again.
So then after we were through we went out to dinner... & like 2 weeks ago we went there & there was this little rat running around trying to find food outside (in the daytime, weird, huh?) & everybody was getting freaked out & this one woman wouldn't even walk out of the door cuz she was afraid of it... but I thought it was cute & I felt bad for it cuz it looked so hungry & it would run away if you even took a step towards it so I knew it wasn't gonna bite me or anything... but now everytime I go back to that restaraunt I miss that little rat. Is that sad or what?
Today was the NASCAR Race at Chicago-Land speedway. I didn't get to see much of it but I got to listen to the end on the radio. Jeff Gordon finished 4th (yay) & he's now 2nd place in the Winston Cup Point Standings.
I found out awhile back that Winston isn't going to sponsor NASCAR anymore & their new sponsor is gonna be Nextel. I thought that was really weird & it just doesn't sound right... Nextel Cup. See?
Speaking of cell phones, I want one soooo bad! Now that basically everyone on the planet has one, places like the Mall are pulling most of them out. Like they used to have payphones at both sides of the mall & then in the middle. Now they just have them in the middle... & I never seem to be in the middle of the mall when we need to call somebody. So I have to trudge all the way from the one side of the mall, past all of the little cell phone kiosks, to the pay phones... The price for a pay phone call is also an insane 50 cents. I remember when it used to be a quarter (gee.. I'm sounding like my mom...).
Ok, this entry ended up a lot longer than I thought, so I'm gonna close. Bye.
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I just got done watching the Pepsi 400 (Daytona, NASCAR).... Greg Biffle won & he's not my driver but I'm just glad that Dale Earnhardt Jr or Michael Waltrip didn't win. Don't get me wrong... They're both good drivers... good guys... but they've won like 8 out of the last 10 restrictor plate races... & it does get old. You just feel like you're watching the same race over & over again... lol.

My guy (Jeff Gordon) finished 14th & my dad's (Tony Stewart) finished 20something. Not a great night for either of us.... but it could have been a lot worse.

Ok, I'll stop with the NASCAR talk because I doubt anybody reading this actually cares... lol.


Jun. 29th, 2003 11:57 am
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Today is a Sunday & there's no NASCAR race on... that always feels weird, lol. It's nice tho.... because as much as I luv NASCAR, it's nice to have a break every now & then where I can actually do something on Sunday.

We went last night at like 11:30 to pick up my niece cuz she had gone with my sister to a couple of diff states (GA & AL). She was telling me about how she went to the Coke-a-cola factory & how she tasted this nasty drink called "Beverly" & I was like oh yeah I've had that before at Epcot... & lemme tell you that is the nastiest drink I've ever had in my entire life. At Epcot (FL) they have this little Coke thing where you walk inside & they have stuff you can buy.. & this little drinking fountain where you can try like maybe 10-15 different drinks from around the world. They have this one really good vegetable drink from like China or Japan (I can't remember) & then they have that Beverly stuff from Italy. Whenever I go there I luv to make people drink it & watch their face... lol.

I'm so excited cuz this Tuesday Buddy Jewell's (he was the winner on Nashville Star) CD is coming out! They have this thing on where you can listen to a track a day & it sounds like it's gonna be really good. Another CD I want to get soon is Jimmy Wayne. He sings "Stay Gone" & my friend was telling me about this other song on the album called "Paper Angels" & about how he was a foster kid growing up & that him & his sister used to have angels put up on the tree at Christmas time.... & that one year somebody got him a pack of Uno Cards & they got his sister a pair of brown men's socks & how happy they both were to get them... Stuff like that makes you think how good you have it.

I think I'm gonna run... I might enter something else in later.

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