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Well, Christmas is officially over. We got back from my sister's house about an hour ago and I had a lovely time. It was a bit smaller than usual, still about 20-25 people though. As the day winded down, they turned their Wii on (my brother-in-law got it for Christmas) and got out the Wii balance board and the guys and kids did snowboarding, boxing, etc... It looked like a lot of fun (I didn't play because I've never used a Wii before and I didn't want to look stupid, lol), so I'm excited to get the one I got for Christmas hooked up so I can play. I'd eventually like to get a Wii Fit too. That and the Mario Kart game will be my next goals for it, I think.

Other than the Wii and the Animal Crossing game, I got money (whoo!), fuzzy socks (hee), a purse, and a Star Trek pez set from my (oldest) nephew... which I thought was really nice. I actually already have one, lol... but there's no way I'd let him know that. Lol, just knowing that a young cool guy had the guts to go through the line with a Trek item warms my heart. Geek gifts FTW! =D

I watched the last episode of Stargate SG-1 today. I found myself getting emotional at the end... I'm bummed to be at the end, but at least I still have the two movies left to watch. I think I'll watch the Ark of Truth tomorrow. I downloaded and watched "Ascension" yesterday, because I remembered that I hadn't been able to see most of that episode because the disc I had with it on it was messed up. I've heard people talk poorly about the condition of the discs in the complete Stargate set box (which had me kind of freaked out when I read the reviews... AFTER I had already gotten and opened it, lol), but I have to say that out of all 214 episodes, that is the only episode that was unwatchable... and it was an easy fix to just download it off of i-tunes, so I'm pleased I got it (even if the discs are a bit of a pain in the butt to pull out). So yeah, Ark of Truth tomorrow and Continuum the next day and then I can finally say that I'm up to date with SG-1.
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I hope you all are having a very merry Christmas! We went to my aunt's house last night on Christmas Eve and in a couple of hours we'll be heading down to my sister's to see the rest of the family. We had our own little Christmas at home this morning and opened our presents. I got my Wii and also the Animal Crossing: City Folk game, yay! Now I'm going to go watch Stargate before I have to get ready.
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Ok.. I am soooo ticked off. I just typed this whole long journal entry out & I when I got down to the bottom I saw this new feature called "Tags" so I clicked on the little question mark next to it to see what it was about & then I suddenly realized.. uh oh, what if I go back & my whole entry is gone.. so I rushed back here & sure enough, it's gone. I'm really tired so I don't feel like typing the whole thing out again.. I'll give a real condensed version of what I wrote before.

Time goes by too fast, I can't believe it's been a year since I wrote in here. Yeah, I got pretty profound in this part, shame it's gone...

Then I talked a little about the new hurricane & how I hope & pray that all of the people in it's path come out ok & that they all hopefully get to safety.

Then I went into a little bit of detail on what has happened in my life since I last wrote in here. I'm gonna make this really brief because I don't want to go into the whole thing again...

Grandma died, it sucks. I miss her.

Had a good Christmas & birthday.

Went to the Pepsi 400 (Daytona) race this past summer. It rained a lot & caused a long rain delay.. but it was still fun. Jeff didn't do as well as I hoped :( , but my dad's driver, Tony Stewart, won so at least 1 of us could be happy.

Jeff Gordon has had a really crappy summer. He went from winning 3 races earlier this year to not even making the chase for the Nextel cup. It has put me in a bad mood for at least part of every Sunday for the last 4 months. I know it's not his fault though. He's so awesome. Something within his team is wrong though. I'm thinkin' it's probably Robbie Loomis. I read a few things that said that his heart wasn't really in this as much as it used to be. He's gone now though & Jeff has a new crew chief. Hopefully things will be better now.
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Only one day left before 2003 is gone & 2004 is here. I had a really good Christmas. I did catch a bug a few days before Christmas & am just now finally getting over it, but it didn't keep me from having fun on Christmas. We always open presents Christmas morning at our house & then we drive down to my oldest sister's house to spend Christmas with the rest of our family. When I was little, opening presents used to be the most fun thing but for the past some-odd years I have really enjoyed spending the day with my family most of all. Don't get me wrong, the presents are way fun too, lol. But I think if I just got to open my presents at home, & didn't get to see the rest of my family, it would take a lot out of Christmas (nothing can take away from the true meaning of Christmas, but you get the idea).

Speaking of presents though, I finally got a DVD player & yes... you don't see it often on here but the Trekkie in me is about to come out. One of the main reasons I wanted a DVD player is because the Star Trek: Voyager DVD's are going to start coming out this Febraury. I can't wait! Right now I only have 3 DVD movies ("Finding Nemo" & a couple of Bob Hope/Bing Crosby Road movies) & some DVD Music Videos (Kelly Clarkson & Martina McBride), but I am looking forward to building my DVD collection. You will see me by that $5.88 DVD bin at Walmart often. Lol.

I also got Ruben Studdard's CD & I am impressed. It's going to take a little getting used to because I honestly don't really listen to R&B... but he's got some good stuff on there. I especially like the last track "We Have Not Forgotten". This is the... 5th CD I've gotten from a talent show contestant this past year. I've also gotten the debut CD's of Jake Simpson (Star Search winner), Kelly Clarkson (American Idol 1 winner), Buddy Jewell (Nashville Star winner), & Clay Aiken (American Idol 2 contestant). I would personally rate them (in order from Best to Worst):

Buddy Jewell
Kelly Clarkson
Ruben Studdard
Clay Aiken
Jake Simpson

The first 2 are almost a tie... they both have really awesome songs, awesome vocals.... What broke the tie for me is the fact that Buddy put his record out in almost no time flat. I have no idea how he did it so fast but the quality is as good as somebody who took 2 years to put an album together. I have, however, listened to Kelly's CD more... probably because she's a girl, I'm a girl, & her CD is really fun to sing along with. I dunno, they're pretty much a tie, it's so hard to choose. I'm gonna shut up about that now.

Hmm... this reminds me of the fact that I never got Justin Guarini's CD... there's another thing on my list of things to do.

Something that has been on my mind all day, that shouldn't be on my mind all day because it's not really an earth-shattering thing... but it really annoys me, is that Alan Jackson & Martina McBride (both of whom I love to death) are touring together next year (2004) and they don't have ANY FL dates listed. They have like 3 dates listed in several small states & it seems so unfair. I want to see them both so bad. I am so disappointed. I hope they add some FL dates or I am going to have a pity party & you better watch out or one of you may be invited (haha, Michelle, Jennie, & Becca.. you already have been). On the bright side though... 2 of my favorite artists (Josh Turner & Joe Nichols) are going to be touring together with Brooks & Dunn. AAAAAnd, Brad Paisley & Joe Nichols are going to be at Sea World on the same day. These are 2 must see shows for me. They're like just about as perfect as they can be... unless you replace Brooks & Dunn with Brad & then they would all be in the same place at the same time & that would be 100% perfect... But NOTHING is perfect... so I'll settle for almost perfect.

If anybody has actually read this whole thing.. this means 1 (or more) of 3 things.. either 1st, you're really bored... 2nd, you're putting off homework... or 3rd, you're just a good friend and actually care what I have to say/think.

Whatever the reason is, thanks :)

Here's to 2004!

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