Apr. 9th, 2006 07:32 pm
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So I stayed up too late last night. It never fails to happen. I get into bed & boom, I find a good movie. Last night I found one of my favorite movies on, so I ended up staying up until almost 4am watching it. Then this morning I went to church. I spent almost the entire service trying to keep my eyes open. I hope nobody was looking at my face because my eyes were literally rolling around in my head... sometimes one would be going one way.. the other would be going another way... Fortunately it was pretty much just my eyes that were tired, so I was still able to listen to the message.

After church we went to lunch.. then we went to a Bealls Outlet. I'm really not crazy about the store but my mom likes to shop in there. This time I actually found a nightshirt I liked & it was only $4.99.

After that we came home & I watched some of the NASCAR race... before I got bored & floated around the house looking for other things to do. Jeff had a bad day. I'm sooo not a good sport anymore. I was already losing it last year.. but I think the last bit of the good sport in me blew out of me & into the wind at Daytona (long story). He hasn't really been doing that badly this year but I want a win dangit! There's no reason why he should be back there (where he was today). They need to do something serious to help his car at these stupid 1.5 mile tracks.

I'm gonna go eat dinner now. Later.

-Animal Crossing Update-
I thought they were going to announce the winner of the Flower Fest today.. & they didn't. Ugh...
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Today was pretty fun. We all went down to my sister's this afternoon. Then we went shopping. I found some shirts & a pair of pants that actually fit me lengthwise (yes, this is always big news). Lol, of course they're not really supposed to be long pants, they're capris.. but they fit me like long pants, thus I don't have to have them altered. This is a very good thing. Then we went out for Linner (we were debating whether a combo of lunch & dinner would be "linner" or "dunch"... I decided that since Breakfast comes before Lunch & people call it "Brunch", then it should be "Linner", since Lunch comes before dinner.... even if "Dunch" does sound better, lol).

Ya know, I've been hearing so much about the infamous "My Space" that I decided to sign up & check it out (a few days ago). I decided I didn't like it & cancelled my account about an hour later. Does this mean I'm getting old? I already felt really out of the loop when I didn't even know it existed until it was already quite popular... I hafta say I really like LiveJournal better. My Space seemed to me, to have too many bells & whistles. It's like there's so much going on that you get distracted. Maybe it's just me.

-Animal Crossing Update-
Tomorrow (well, technically today, since I'm already in the early early AM) is the long awaited end of the Flower Fest. It's been going on for a whole week (which is pretty long in a video game). If I don't win, I'm gonna be pretty pissed. I've spent all week sabotaging the other villagers in my town by picking up the flowers they've planted. Then today I moved dozens & dozens of flowers away from their houses (that I've planted, before the Flower Fest), just to make sure they don't get any credit. Lol, I want the dang trophy!!!! I think this Flower Fest thing only happens once a year so it's kinda awhile before I'll have another chance at it. Lol, just in case anybody is horrified that I'm sabotaging people... they're just the animal villagers in my town, not real people. Anyways, the goal of the Flower Fest (I guess this shoulda been up farther in the post, huh?) is to plant a pretty garden in your yard. Supposedly plan & design helps. I've planted all of the hybrids (that aren't on display in my house) around my house.. hopefully that will be enough.

Now I'm going to bed, goodnight.
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Why do I keep forgetting about this thing? Geez it's been over 6 months since I wrote in here. That's pathetic.

Hmm, what's new...

Been taking some classes...

Oh, I've found a really productive way to spend my free time. I've become obsessed with a video game. It's called Animal Crossing: Wild World & it's on the Nintendo DS. I got the thing as a gift for Christmas & I've been playing it since January. It's sooo addicting... mainly because it has WiFi, so you can play with real people & talk to them. Anyways, I've decided I really like this whole WiFi gaming thing & I'll probably end up getting the Nintendo Revolution when it comes out.. even though I've already proclaimed in the past that "I will not be getting anymore non-handheld console gaming systems."

I'm on another quest to lose weight. This time it's gonna stick tho.

Been watching American Idol, of course... pissed that Mandisa (sp) got voted out. I still haven't decided who my absolute fav is... but the people I have been voting for are (in no particular order) Taylor, Mandisa, Kathryn, Elliott & Kelly. My take on each one:

Taylor: He is so funny (& weird, lol). I love his personality. I don't think he's the best male vocalist on the show.. but I really love him.

Mandisa: I think the song she did on Country night wasn't so hot.. but I don't judge somebody by one performance (evidently.. a lot of other people do, although, I do think that people may have abandoned her for other reasons...). She's been great in a lot of other performances... so I'm sad that she's not there anymore. I still gotta wonder why she picked that song tho...

Kathryn: I think she probably has the best voice out of the girls.. but sometimes she seems a little conceited to me when she's up there performing. I dunno.. maybe I'm wrong. She might just be confident. I'm still voting for her.

Elliott: I think Elliott has the best voice out of the guys... & is the most versatile. Unfortunately he always looks terrified up on stage & somebody is making him do stupid gradeschool play movements (like when he says eye & points to his eye). Lol, but I really do love him... & how extra amazing is his voice when you consider the fact that he has a 90% (I think that's what they said) hearing loss in one of his ears! I hope he goes far.. even if he does get really nervous.

Kelly: I don't think she has as good of a voice as I thought she did initially.. but she really did great with "Fancy" this past week. Lol, she is so painfully ignorant sometimes that it's funny... & kinda scary... & yet, refreshing?

I'm going to bed now... tis late.

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