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The Lost season finale was on tonight, so I saw very very little of American Idol. They unfortunately did a very good job of synching their commercial breaks, but I did catch the actual results.

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Mar. 18th, 2009 12:02 am
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Had an amusing moment tonight where I tried to explain to my mother that when Randy Jackson said somebody's performance on AI was "dope", that it was actually a good thing. As far as tonight's ep goes, loved Danny's peformance (as always). I also think that Anoop did a really good job and while I thought Adam's version of "Ring of Fire" was really... odd, he was in good voice. Loved Randy Travis as the mentor, he's one of my favs.

I tried to delete my pic on twitter today because I realized that the small thumbnail sized version might look like Elizabeth is shooting a bird (which wasn't really what I was going for, lol)... and I haven't been able to upload a new one since. I went into the help section and realized that at least it's not just me and other people are having the same problem too. I hope they fix it soon, as I'm currently being represented by an 'x'.

Been watching SG-1 again lately, because I was going through withdrawals. In the past couple of days I've re-watched Children of the Gods, The Fifth Race, Holiday, Window of Opportunity, and The First Ones. Evidently I needed a Jack and Daniel fix.

And if any of you are the one(s) who nominated me for the Stargate Fan Awards, thank you!! Totally wasn't expecting that.
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I've been listening to Kelly Clarkson's (leaked) new album on youtube and I can't wait until it comes out on Tuesday!
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OK, first of all... I'm having really mixed feelings about tonight's American Idol, mostly about the people they've chosen for the Wildcard.

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And, jumping topics, Lost is driving me crazy! I just wonder if we're ever going to know what the hell is going on. I think my worst fear with it is that it'll eventually get cancelled, like in between seasons, before they get to explain everything and we'll all just be like... "Wha?"

 But... zomg, I so SQUEED tonight!

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I feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life tonight with American Idol. There were only a few performances that I enjoyed and the rest were either painful or blah. The two I was most impressed with were Adam and Allison, but I also threw in a vote for Kris and Kai... because they might have potential. Random thought, I think Kai would look spiffy with dreadlocks.

And I watched a DVD of comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham last night that a friend lent us. I'd heard of him before but wasn't really too interested to check him out because I find the whole ventriloquist thing kind of creepy... but my sister had seen him live down here not too long ago and said he was pretty funny... and ya know what, he is! I really needed a good laugh last night and he provided it. Peanut and Jose Jalapeno FTW!
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So we're down to the final 36 of American Idol and finally get to vote. This is when the show starts to get interesting for me... I hate the beginning auditions, because of all of the people goofing off. The first group of 12 was up last night (a 2 hour episode with a freakin' commerical in between each contestant *sigh*) and I'll put my thoughts under a cut.

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Jan. 20th, 2009 10:46 pm
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I'm so glad my shows are all coming back on. American Idol started last week. I kind of hate this part of AI... because I don't give a crap about the beginning auditions. I don't want to hear people in costumes singing off-key and then fighting with the judges over how good they sound... But we have to get through this to get to the good stuff.

Fringe also came back tonight. Have I mentioned recently how much I love Walter? And Peter (*melt*) and Walter together is just so much love. The more I watch this show, the more I like it.

And, Lost is on tomorrow!!! God, it's been gone so long. I probably should have been watching episode reruns just so I can remember what the hell is going on, lol.

The rest of my shows (Heroes, TSSC, *cough* Survivor) all come back on in February... and I'm thinking about checking out Dollhouse when it starts.

I'm still in the middle of Season 2 of BSG. The last episodes I watched was the "Home" two-parter, which I loved. I ended up buying Season 4.0 over the weekend and I'll be taping the 4.5 episodes as they air on TV. So hopefully, at some point, I'll be all set and caught up to watch the last few episodes live.

I miss SGA.

And, unrelated, but I love Kelly Clarkson's new single, "My Life Would Suck Without You"!

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Just finished watching "American Idol" awhile ago. All of my peeps did pretty good. I think Taylor did especially well tonight. It's good to see him get back to himself. I also enjoyed Elliot's performance, I also just love the song he did. I thought it was going to be a pretty odd night since they were all doing Queen songs, but I think about half of them pulled it off.

My new shoes finally came in the mail today. I wore them to the gym & they're mostly comfortable, except that one of them seems a little big in the heel, so it keeps sliding up & down. I didn't wind up with a blister tho, so that's good.

I'm going to go watch Nashville Star now. I'll post later with reviews if I'm up to it.
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Why do I keep forgetting about this thing? Geez it's been over 6 months since I wrote in here. That's pathetic.

Hmm, what's new...

Been taking some classes...

Oh, I've found a really productive way to spend my free time. I've become obsessed with a video game. It's called Animal Crossing: Wild World & it's on the Nintendo DS. I got the thing as a gift for Christmas & I've been playing it since January. It's sooo addicting... mainly because it has WiFi, so you can play with real people & talk to them. Anyways, I've decided I really like this whole WiFi gaming thing & I'll probably end up getting the Nintendo Revolution when it comes out.. even though I've already proclaimed in the past that "I will not be getting anymore non-handheld console gaming systems."

I'm on another quest to lose weight. This time it's gonna stick tho.

Been watching American Idol, of course... pissed that Mandisa (sp) got voted out. I still haven't decided who my absolute fav is... but the people I have been voting for are (in no particular order) Taylor, Mandisa, Kathryn, Elliott & Kelly. My take on each one:

Taylor: He is so funny (& weird, lol). I love his personality. I don't think he's the best male vocalist on the show.. but I really love him.

Mandisa: I think the song she did on Country night wasn't so hot.. but I don't judge somebody by one performance (evidently.. a lot of other people do, although, I do think that people may have abandoned her for other reasons...). She's been great in a lot of other performances... so I'm sad that she's not there anymore. I still gotta wonder why she picked that song tho...

Kathryn: I think she probably has the best voice out of the girls.. but sometimes she seems a little conceited to me when she's up there performing. I dunno.. maybe I'm wrong. She might just be confident. I'm still voting for her.

Elliott: I think Elliott has the best voice out of the guys... & is the most versatile. Unfortunately he always looks terrified up on stage & somebody is making him do stupid gradeschool play movements (like when he says eye & points to his eye). Lol, but I really do love him... & how extra amazing is his voice when you consider the fact that he has a 90% (I think that's what they said) hearing loss in one of his ears! I hope he goes far.. even if he does get really nervous.

Kelly: I don't think she has as good of a voice as I thought she did initially.. but she really did great with "Fancy" this past week. Lol, she is so painfully ignorant sometimes that it's funny... & kinda scary... & yet, refreshing?

I'm going to bed now... tis late.
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I can't believe another stinkin' hurricane is coming at us (Jeanne). This silly thing has been going around in circles (& I do mean in circles.. you should have seen the projected forcast for it.. lol) for the last few days & now they project it to go West & possibly turn north.. They're saying we might get tropical storm force winds (if it turns North). If it keeps going strait it will pass pretty close to us.. which I am NOT looking forward to. TURN NORTH!!! NOW!!! I am sick of hurricanes. I like being able to see out my windows, I like having power, I don't like having to hunt around for bottled water & gas like it's gold, & we need time to fix our roof dangit! Ack.. is that Big & Rich.. it sounds like a guy & a girl.. & yet it sounds like Big & Rich... It is them, I looked it up. Well, they are distinctive (note, I'm not saying that's a good thing).... What was I talking about? Oh yeah, hurricanes... We got Frances... & then yesterday we had the remnants of Ivan (which wasn't too bad.. it just knocked the Satellite out for awhile & we had some rain). I don't want anything else. Ok, I'm done whining about that now let's move onto something else.

My tv shows are all finally starting to come back. Survivor came back on last week. It looks interesting. Tonight Smallville came back on. It was an interesting season opener that brought forth a lot of new questions to be answered. I also checked out a new show on ABC called Lost. It looks interesting (you know what? I just used the word interesting 3 times in the past 5 sentences). I will definitely try & catch it again next week to see if it's something I want to continue to watch or not. Let's see.. what's left to come back on... Enterprise (in October) & American Idol (whenever that comes back). The nice thing is that I think everything will be on different times this time. Last year I had like 3 shows on at the same time. It was really annoying because nobody could decide what to watch (everybody in my family liked a diff show the best). Smallville is on late Wednesdays though, Survivor is on Thursday, Enterprise is moving into the death slot on Friday (can we say soon to be cancelled?), & American Idol should be on Tuesdays & Wednesdays (when Smallville isn't on). Hmmm.. if I actually like Lost & want to keep watching it.. it might clash with American Idol. Oh well, that's what VCR's are for. I can't believe I just wrote that much about my tv watching habits. Lol.. oh well, if you actually read all that, you may even have less of a life than I do (j/k).

I'm out.

Edit: Haha.. the satellite radio & my regular radio are playing the same song ("She's In Love With The Boy" by Trisha Yearwood) at the same time.. so I'm listening to both of them. Why? Because I can.
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I've been working really hard on my music lately. I wrote the lyrics of a song yesterday & the melody of a (different) song today... & I've been really putting forth the effort to practice on the guitar lately. I know this is what I want to do with my life. I want to be involved in music in someway.... whether it be a singer or a songwriter.

Hmmm.. what else have I been up to in my 5 month absense from this journal. Oh, I turned 21. Yeah, it wasn't really a big deal. Don't get me wrong, I had a great birthday.. it just wasn't this big deal that it is for a lot of other people because I don't really care about any of the things that you have to be 21 to do. On the day of my birthday I went out to dinner with my mom & dad & then to celebrate with the rest of my family I went to see Joe Diffie & Scotty Emerick & then we went to Sonny's to eat.

I went to some other concerts between the last entry & this one too. I saw Joe Nichols, Lorrie Morgan, Jo Dee Messina, & Alan Jackson in late January... Trace Adkins, Joe Nichols (again) and Brad Paisley in March. Joe Diffie, Scotty Emerick and John Anderson in April... and Josh Turner, Cowboy Crush, Terri Clark & John Michael Montgomery in May. I don't have any more concerts lined up though until at least September.

I've recently gotten into the hobby of scrapbooking. I've been making these little (2-10 page) themed scrapbooks & I think they're turning out pretty well.

All of my tv shows are over for the summer & now there's nothing to watch. "Smallville" left us with a cliffhanger & I'm really upset that "Enterprise" did too. I know it's normal, but the whole season of "Enterprise" has been like one big cliffhanger so I thought it would have been nice if they gave us a break this time. I'd like to report that both of my picks for Nashville Star (Brad Cotter) & American Idol (Fantasia Barrino) won. So far I've picked Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Buddy, & Brad. Unlike, Kelly, Ruben, & Buddy though.. I'm not really attached to Brad or Fantasia. I think that they are both talented... & although I think that they both deserved the most to win out of the final few people, I'm not really into either one of their styles. I also think that AI runner up Diana DeGarmo is very talented and actually like her style better than Fantasia's (I just think that Fantasia made fewer mistakes throughout the competition.. so that's why I voted for her). I am sort of ticked off with AI though because I think that the best talent got voted out of the competition way too early (namely Jennifer Hudson & Latoya London). I think that they & Fantasia should have been the final 3 (& I don't know who should have won out of them... I would have had to of seen the other 2's later performances to see how they would have held up). But anyways... both American Idol & Nashville Star were very different for me this year because right away in the previous ones I knew that Kelly, Ruben, & Buddy were my favorites.. but it took me awhile to establish a favorite in this season's.

While I'm on the subject of reality tv.. may I say that Survivor really ticked me off this season? They repeatedly ignored the threat of Rob & Amber & let them win. My only consolation is that Rupert won a million through the fan vote. I would love to be on Survivor if it weren't for the bugs/reptiles & the fact that I am totally uncoordinated & not athletic. I always say that if they ever do a Survivor - Alaska (or Antartica, I'm not picky, haha), I'm there!

While I'm talking about the things that bug me... let's talk about the ACM Awards (American Country Music Awards). I was really upset that Brad Paisley was not even nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year. He has had a really great year and totally should have been in there! Also, I am upset that Toby Keith/Willie Nelson's video beat out Martina McBride's "Concrete Angel" & Brad Paisley's "Celebrity" video. Oh yeah, & I'm also upset (see how these things just keep piling up & piling up?) that neither Buddy Jewell or Josh Turner won Top New Vocalist. I can sort of understand how Josh didn't win because he's still pretty new. But I thought that Buddy really deserved it. I do like Dierks Bentley too (he won), but I thought that Buddy should have taken it home. Now that I've gotten all of that off of my chest, may I add that I'm really GLAD that Martina took home 2 awards (Female Vocalist & the Home Depot Humanitarian Award). GO MARTINA!!! I'm also glad that Randy Travis got an award (I can't remember if it was song of the year or single of the year) for "Three Wooden Crosses". If it would not have been for Martina & Randy, the night would have been a bust.

I'm gonna go before I can think of anything else that bugs me, haha.

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