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I watched Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars last night and, zomg, EPIC! Loved it.

- John/Aeryn, happily ever after with cute little baby in tow. Seriously, how awesome is that?! They've broken my heart so many times throughout the series, but they finally mended it back together with super-glue. Just watching their journey these last few weeks... the incredible chemistry they have... they've definitely secured their place as one of my favorite all-time pairings ever.

- Death of D'Argo. *big sad* Was that really necessary? I hate it when they kill people off, especially D'Argo. I love him. I even felt bad when Harvey died.

- What was up with that kiss between Jool and Crichton? Last I saw, she had a bit of a thing with D'Argo. Lol, was this just their continuing mission to have John kiss as many girls as possible? It just felt, odd... but the afterpart with Aeryn was amusing.

- Loved having Stark back. He's crazy. I like crazy.

- "Shooting makes me feel better!" (possibly my favorite line in the movie)

- I've always thought that Sikozu (who I often refer to as "Sudoku" in my head, because I have a hard time remembering her name for some reason, lol)  was playing for the wrong side, never trusted her... nice to see my bad-guy radar wasn't off.

I can't believe it's over. How they could cancel that show with all of the dren that's still on the air is beyond me. I know there's been talk about webisodes for a couple of years now. I hope they eventually do that, 'cause I need more.

I re-watched 2 first season episodes today (Exodus From Genesis for [ profile] farscaperewatch  and DNA Mad Scientist, just because) and it was funny because for a moment I thought, Gee... it seems like I just saw these and then I realized, Oh... I did. Watching all 88 episodes plus the 3hr mini-series in 3 weeks, I felt a little bit crazy, lol, but I just saw a convention clip from Claudia Black's panel at a past Dragon*Con on youtube and somebody there said that they watched the whole thing in 2 weeks. Nice to know there's somebody more insane than I am. :)

And I realized yesterday that I'd been properly brainwashed when the very first thing out of my mouth after I woke up (when I dropped something on the floor) was, unintentionally, "Frell!"
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